This is us

About me:

I am one crazy local lady and a tour guide, who loves traveling around Iceland.

In spring 2017 I decided to leave the safety of a job as a sales manager in one of the largest travel agencies in Iceland. I had been behind a desk at the same place for 17 years, when I decided I wanted more out of life then this job had given me.

Together with my husband I founded this small company which I call „The Little Icelandic Tour Bus“. I bought myself a brand new luxury mini-bus to be able to do day-tours with foreign guests, visiting Iceland. At times I though allow my husband to tag along on my tours, he drives and I guide (even though I am a far better driver then he is….). And you guys benefit by getting to know two pretty nice local persons, which in the end gives you a good picture of the life of an Icelandic islander.

What I am about:

What I found missing on the market, were day tours that would be a different option to the most typical tours offered on the market. People like to see other places then the ones that are crowded with tourists and where they have to keep up with a strict time schedule. They want to experience a little more personal tours where you get to know the locals a bit and get to see other places which are just as beautiful and amazing as the ones that have become the images of Iceland and are over commercialized. Tours where you feel more like a friend or a guest and guiding becomes more like a conversation between you and me,  then a monologue of facts by one person. This also gives me an opportunity to practice responsible tourism, by distributing travelers to places other than those that already suffer or are damaged due to excessive intrusion of people.

Iceland, truly, has so much more to offer then just the Golden circle. My tours are simply another option to those tours, even though I am happy to do the Golden circle or the South shore if you prefer :).


I also wanted to follow a little the concept of „slow travel“ – where you experience and enjoy, rather then keep up with a strict timetable, on my tours.

My tours are never with more then 16 guests, which is a different experience then taking a tour with the larger tour bus companies, my tours are simply more personal and private.

Experience and background:

I have a great experience in the field of tourism in Iceland. Not only have I been working for 17 years in the out-going field, but I also have a BA degree in rural tourism, I am a certified Iceland guide since 2005 and I do have a diploma in tourism as well. Recently my final university essay was nominated for awards by the Icelandic Travel Industry Association and the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre. I didn´t get the award, but it is always nice be recognized by your work. In my essay I discussed the many and complex roles of a tour guide (surprise, surprise….).

During those 17 years at the travel agency I always kept myself busy when not at the office and I f.ex. (among other things) co-founded a small hotel in the southern region of Iceland which we opened in 2011. The hotel was a success from the beginning, but that is simply because we, the four owners, knew what the market was missing. Guests wanted to meet and talk to locals and we always showed our guests interest and advised them what to do and what to see when staying with us. In 2016 we sold our share to our partners, as holding two demanding jobs for those five years was tiring and it was time to do something else :).

Last but not least:

I am also a proud mom of five amazing girls and my husband and I have four granddaughters already! – even though we feel sooo young ourselves! I am a family oriented person and like to look at my groups a bit like friends and family.

Now you know everything about me! 😉

Come and join on my tours! I am sure you will love it!