My Local Tour – Duration 7-8 hours

About this tour:

It´s all about Hometown, Black Lava Fields & Hot springs!

I am really happy to take you to the town I grew up in, as honestly it is one of the most beautiful towns in Iceland!

This is also a tour that partly takes place in an area that is never over crowded with tourists, so again if you want to enjoy your visit without the hassle of massive number of other guests - this is the perfect tour for you! Of course in some areas we might expect some people - but more or less we are without the hassle of the big tour buses.

  • We drive from the city area and into the town of Hafnarfjörður, where we do a little sight seeing in the center of the town and make a visit to one of the locals in her/his studio. But as you know Icelanders are thought to be a very creative and artistic people - they´re simply interesting and different.
  • During our visit in this town, we walk or drive pass the Viking Village which this town is famous for. Once a year there is a viking festival at this site, where people come from all over the world to experience the atmosphere of the viking age.
  • From the town we head to a hot spring area, where there is some of the most amazing landscapes in Iceland. Some people describe it as moon-like, as it is endless lava fields and black sand on the way. We walk through an area of bubbling mud and hot springs - experiencing the wonders of an high temperature area.
  • We make a lunch stop in the town of Grindavik, a very typical Icelandic town who has relied on fish and fishing industry for centuries. If you prefer you can also bring packed lunch and sit down somewhere to enjoy that.
  • During our drive along the Reykjanes peninsula, there are endless possibilities for stops, where you become one with nature. Gunnuhver hot spring, Brimketill and the light house Reykjanesviti.  We´ll stop at them all of course! The area by the light house is breathtaking, the cliffs, the sea birds and the fact that it is here where the Atlantic ridge rises above sea level. The lava fields are amazing representing how volcanic activity forms a landscape in the most unique way.
  • Finally we visit the "Bridge between two continents" that gives you the opportunity to walk between North America and Europe - literally!
  • We are not in any hurry and drive through one of the smallest villages in the area, just so you have a change to see how some of the locals live - it definitely builds character living in this area....!
  • On our way home, why take the highway, when we can drive the country roads. And that is what we do for a while and make our last stop by an old church . And even though we can´t go inside, this is such a peaceful area with a great photo opportunity and it is just so very typical Icelandic somehow.
  • Finally we get back to the city and yet again with our pockets full of memories and different experience of Iceland.

- Price per adult: 9.900.- ISK -
Children up to 14 years - 50% off

Your local English speaking guide
Luxury mini-bus with max 15 guests
Icelandic chocolate bites (´cause we all want to be sweet)
NOTE: Lunch is not included.